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Dec 06, 2018

Planning Commission met Tuesday, Dec. 11. Here are a few of the notable items on the agenda and their results. 

Agenda Items 21 to 25 — KB Home at Deer Springs Way and Grant Montecito Parkway — The applicant is proposing to develop 60.53 acres located on the west and east sides of Grand Montecito Parkway, north of Deer Springs Way. The proposed development includes 491 multi-family units and 303 detached single-family residences. Staff recommends approval on the General Plan Amendment (21) proposed to eliminate Town Center Collector Trails, Town Center Arterial Trails and a Town Center Multi-Use Trail located adjacent to and within the subject site as the existing trail alignments were only connected to Grand Montecito Parkway from within the site and not to Oso Blanca Road, which has become a preferred method of travel for a variety of travelers. However, recommend denial on the following:

  • (22) Variance to allow 641 parking spaces where 811 is required
  • (23) Special Use Permit to allow a private street without a gate and multiple gated communities with private streets because it is not the preferred means of providing public right-of-way
  • (24) Site Development Plan for the proposed two apartment complexes and detached, single-family residential subdivision
  • (25) Tentative Map which allows private streets to terminate in dead-end stubs and modified hammerheads where cul-de-sacs or hammerheads are required

APPROVED subject to (amended) conditions. 

Agenda Items 30 —Proposed Drive Thru Restaurant at Park Paseo and S. Las Vegas Boulevard — This is a request for a Site Development Plan Review for a proposed Restaurant with Drive Though use at 1141 South Las Vegas Boulevard. Due to the requested Waiver setback, anticipated increase in residential neighborhood traffic and deficient parking, staff recommends denial. If approved, it will be subject to conditions. DENIED.

Agenda Items 31 to 34 — Condominium Complex near Tenaya Way and Sky Pointe Drive — The applicant is proposing to construct a 91-unit condominium complex, consisting of 19 two-story buildings on approximately 6.05 acres located on the west side of Tenaya Way, approximately 198 feet north of Sky Pointe Drive. In addition, the applicant has requested an associated Tentative Map to utilize the development as condominiums. Staff recommends approval of the Major Modification as it conforms to the existing Town Center General Plan designation. However, as the proposed development does not adequately address trash service and is inconsistent with Title 19 development standards pertaining to residential adjacency, staff recommends denial of the associated Variance, Site Development Plan Review and Tentative Map request. APPROVED.

Agenda Items 35 to 38 — Family Residential Subdivision near Bradley Road and Turkey Lane  — The applicant is proposing to construct a 43-lot single-family residential subdivision on a 10.31-acre undeveloped property located on the east side of Bradley Road, approximately 279 feet south of Turkey Lane (northeast corner of Clark County 215 and Bradley Road). Staff recommends approval. ABEYED TO 2/12/2019.

Agenda Items 39 to 42 — Retail Center Remodel at 5000 W. Charleston Boulevard — This is a request for a Major Amendment to a previously approved Rezoning for a 1,911 square-foot addition with exterior facade modifications and parking lot reconfiguration to an existing 16,941 square-foot retail development with a waiver to allow service bay doors to face the right-of-way where such is not allowed on 1.17 acres. Staff recommends denial. APPROVED subject to conditions.

Agenda Items 49 and 50 — Mixed Use Development at 110 E. Charleston Boulevard — The applicant is requesting to construct a two story, 35-foot tall mixed use development with 8,800 square feet of commercial floor space and six one-bedroom multi-family residential units. The proposed development is inconsistent with Appendix F Interim Downtown Las Vegas development standards pertaining to the architectural design and setbacks. In addition, the proposed development does not comply with Title 19.12 parking requirements as the subject site provides zero onsite parking spaces where 141 parking spaces are required, which will negatively impact surrounding areas. Therefore; staff recommends denial. APPROVED subject to conditions. 

Agenda Items 53 and 56 — Proposed Short Term Rentals – Staff recommends approval for Special Use Permits to allow short term rentals at:

  • 6417 Peppermill Drive (ABEYED 1/8/2019)
  • 9121 Dolente Ave (APPROVED subject to conditions.) 

Agenda Items 54, 55, 57, 59 to 63 - Existing Short Term Rentals – Staff recommends approval for Special Use Permits for the following existing short term rentals:

  • 1501 Montessouri St. (DENIED)
  • 3408 Casa Grande Ave. (APPROVED subject to conditions.)
  • 1231 Shadow Lane (WITHDRAWN)
  • 3736 Dorrington Drive (APPROVED subject to amended conditions.)
  • 8876 Crestwood Drive (APPROVED subject to amended conditions.)
  • 1101 S. 6th St. (APPROVED subject to amended conditions.)
  • 1908 Chapmagne Drive (APPROVED subject to conditions.)
  • 2017 Casa Vista Drive (APPROVED subject to amended conditions.)


Agenda Item 58 — Short Term Rental — 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Unit 1113 - Special Use Permit to allow a zero foot distance separation where 660 feet is required at The Ogden. Staff recommends denial. DENIED

Agenda Item 64 — New Municipal Court Building — The request is for a 138,943 square-foot government facility at the southeast corner of Clark Avenue and 1st Street. The proposed municipal courthouse is located in close proximity to other civic uses such as the Regional Justice Center, the Bonneville Transit Center, the United States Federal Court, and City Hall. The proposed courthouse is aesthetically pleasing, furthers the goals of the Civic and Business District of the 2045 Downtown Master Plan, and it is consistent with the vision for this area of downtown Las Vegas. Staff recommends approval of the request and all associated waivers. APPROVED subject to conditions.