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Nov 07, 2018

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Below is a recap.

Agenda Item 27 — Grant for Adaptive Sports Opportunities for Disabled Veterans & Members of the Armed Service: City Council approved the grant and sub-grant agreement with the Nevada Department of Veterans Services, the city would receive a total of $10,940 in funds to provide direct adaptive sports programs at no cost to approximately 200 disabled service members. Programs provided will be fishing clinics, swim lesson, aquatic therapy, golf, Paralympic Sports Club Las Vegas and bowling.

Agenda Item 42 — Children’s Park at Huntridge Circle Park: A portion of Huntridge Circle Park will be designated as a Children’s Park.

Agenda Item 45 — Short Term Rentals: On June 21, 2017, City Council adopted Bill No. 2017-16, which revised the regulations and requirements pertaining to short-term residential rentals. Our Director of the Department of Planning provided an update of proposed regulatory changes related to the short-term residential rental use that are anticipated to be introduced on Nov. 21:

  • Repeal Amendment: Removes land provisions for new short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods except if it is an owner-occupied 3-bedrooms or less home located 660 feet away from another short term rental.
  • Multifamily Amendment: Provides an exclusion from the 660-foot distance separation for multifamily residential developments seeking to entitle more than one short term rental unit in the same development. Only 5% of the total residential units in the development will be allowed as approved short term rentals.

It is important to note that all applications currently in process must be given a hearing and acted upon based on the code in effect at the time they were accepted. 

The bills are scheduled to be introduced at the Nov. 21 City Council meeting; however, they may be assigned to Recommending Committee or heard as a Public Hearing pushing introduction to City Council until a meeting in December. 

Agenda Item 47 — Toys for Tickets: Those with non-public safety-related parking tickets issued between Nov. 7 and 19 will have the opportunity to resolve fines with toy donations for Salvation Army’s Annual Christmas Angel Program. Learn more.

Agenda Items 48 & 49 — Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program: During the 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature, the Legislature and Governor Sandoval approved Assembly Bill 5, which enables Nevada municipalities to create districts to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for commercial properties (commonly known as Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, or “C-PACE”). Sustainable Real Estate Solutions was contracted with by the city to consult on the design, development and administration of a C-PACE program for the city. City Council approved these resolutions which will create a program and energy improvement district.

Agenda Item 50— Standards Regarding the Repurposing of Certain Golf Courses & Open SpacesCity Council approved additional standards regarding the repurposing of golf courses and open spaces. The ordinance changes the steps of what is required before a project is approved. By asking developers to conduct the appropriate studies earlier in the process, the intent is for city leaders to understand the impacts of these unique types of developments before they are too far in the process to be reasonably changed. It will also help lay out the requirements for developers at the beginning, making it a transparent process. One example of the type of property this could apply to is golf courses in master-planned communities. If golf courses in master-planned communities are closed, this ordinance would allow developers to purchase the land, work with the neighborhood and ask to re-purpose the space into a new concept. Notable open spaces that could be impacted in the future are the Lakes, Desert Shores and Canyon Gate.

Open space is always incorporated into development requirements for neighborhoods and, in the case of golf courses in master-planned communities, the golf course often served as the open space requirement. This ordinance aims to give homeowners input into the proposed changes while still allowing developers to invest in and build new properties.